Install HTC 10 Sense 8 Marshmallow ROM Port On HTC One M8

If you have the HTC One M8, you can upgrade it to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow by flashing the HTC 10 Sense 8 ROM port. The HTC 10 is HTC’s next attempt at trying to get a grip on company’s declining sales. While previous HTC flagships have been quite decent, they really struggled compared to other Android behemoths such as Samsung and LG.

HTC 10 is the next step for the company. It is a much more improved phone compared to the old HTC One M9 and One M8. Besides having a 5.2″ Quad HD display, Snapdragon 820, Adreno 530, 4 GB RAM and 12 MP rear camera, the HTC 10 comes with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based on HTC’s custom Sense 8 UI skin.

Even though the HTC 10 has been available on stores for a relatively short period of time, the official RUU and Marshmallow stock firmware for the HTC 10 have gone public. This means that anyone can take the firmware and do whatever they want. As always, the first thing a developer does after getting a new firmware is porting it to another device in the form of a custom ROM.

HTC 10 Sense 8 Marshmallow ROM For One M8 – Review

“S.Team M8” is a custom ROM published by “sun_dream” which is a full port of HTC 10’s Sense 8 Marshmallow firmware. The ROM is based on the latest HTC 10 base 1.53.708.4. It is the first Snapdragon 820 port for the One M8. Some exclusives of the ROM are slow-motion and time-lapse recording modes, full Sense 8 experience, JBL LiveStage, Harmon Kardon and Dolby BoomSound audio mods.

How To Install HTC 10 Sense 8 Marshmallow ROM For One M8

The ROM is very easy to install. You need a custom recovery to flash the file. However, you must have an unlocked bootloader and S-OFF, otherwise you won’t be able to flash the ROM.

Things You Need

  • TWRP | Download – This is a custom recovery which you need in order to flash the Sense 8 ROM.
  • Free space on your HTC One M8. You need to move the ROM to the internal storage of your phone. The ROM is more than 1.4 GB in size so you will need a few gigabytes of free space.

Installation Process

[JW] HTC 10 Sense 8 ROM Port For HTC One M8
Download |

[S] HTC 10 Sense 8 ROM Port For HTC One M8
Download |

  1. If you have downloaded the HTC 10 ROM port on your computer, connect your phone using a USB cable and transfer the ROM to the internal storage. Again, make sure to have more than 1.5 GB of available storage.
  2. Turn off your HTC One M8. Press Volume Down + Power buttons to go into recovery mode. You should boot into TWRP.
  3. While in TWRP, make a full Nandroid backup. In case something goes wrong or you don’t like the new ROM, you can always go back and restore the backup.
  4. The wipe data, cache and perform a full factory reset. This is recommended if you don’t want to face any bootloops after installing the new ROM
  5. Then go back to the TWRP home screen, tap on Install, navigate to the location where the ROM file is and choose it. Then swipe to flash the ROM.

AROMA Installer will appear. Select the options you want and the ROM will begin installing. Once the ROM has been installed, you can reboot your phone. Enjoy the HTC 10 Sense 8 Marshmallow experience on your HTC One M8.




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