Install GravityBox Module on Xposed (Android 5.0 Lollipop)

gravity box lollipop xposed

Today, we have some excellent news for all Xposed users. The most famous module of all, GravityBox has been updated to work on the latest Xposed version, compatible with Lollipop. When the developer of Xposed announced that the framework had become available for Lollipop devices, users rushed to install it and then all their favorite modules.

As it turned out, most of modules worked without any problems. Most of the modules that worked had basic functions that do not mess around with system files. However, more advanced modules like GravityBox were reported to be broken. And users were not happy with this.

Actually, GravityBox was the main reason that prevented users from updating to Lollipop. The module offers so many features that is not worth it to enjoy the brand new Lollipop experience created and designed by Google. Now, the wait time is over. The official developer of the module has released an update which makes it compatible with Lollipop and the latest version of Xposed.

To learn how to install and use it, follow the guide below. But before we get into that, lets see some of the things that GravityBox is capable of doing. These features are available on custom ROMs so if you install this module, there is no point of having a ROM installed.

This module offers a wide variety of settings and options like CyanogenMod Pie Controls, Expanded Desktop, Battery Indicator Style, Volume Key Music Control, Lockscreen Tweaks, Screen Recording, Smart Radio, Clear All Recent Apps button and more. Since the module is in Alpha stage, there are a few options that do not work like lockscreen wallpaper and brightness control.

Guide to install GravityBox v5.0.0 Alpha Xposed Module on Lollipop

Note: This module only works on stock Vanilla Android 5.0 Lollipop firmwares. Do not try using this on skinned versions like Touchwiz or HTC Sense.


Xposed Framework for Android 5.0 – Link

GravityBox – GravityBox_Lollipop_5.0.0alpha.apk (source)

  1. Install the framework following the guide below and then download the GravityBox LP file.
  2. Navigate to the download folder and make sure to install the module on the internal memory of the phone, not external or phone storage.
  3. Optionally, you can go to Xposed Installer and search for “GravityBox” module.
  4. Once installed, activate the module.
  5. Press the home button, go to the app drawer and launch the application.
  6. Set the desired options and reboot your phone.

This is a great module that every Xposed user should have. It makes the performance much better and removes the need of installing a custom ROM.


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