Install Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Launcher on Galaxy S5, S4 & Note 3

The latest mod created on the forums allows you to download and install the official Samsung Galaxy S6 Touchwiz launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung devices running on stock Android 5.0 Lollipop Touchwiz firmware.

The Samsung Galaxy is the latest device from Samsung and is considered by many as the reboot of the Galaxy S line. It has nothing to do with the previous variants. It includes a brand new aluminum frame with premium materials, non-removable back cover and a redesigned and lighter Touchwiz firmware.

Active developers over at XDA forums have been able to take the Samsung Galaxy S6 Touchwiz launcher and port it to other Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. The ported version is the same one as you would find on a Galaxy S6 device.

If you aren’t able to buy the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 phone, do not worry. You can transform your older Galaxy phone into a Galaxy S6 by installing all the ported applications. This round is time for the Galaxy S6 Touchwiz launcher.

How To Install Samsung Galaxy S6 Launcher on Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 & Note 3

For this method to work, you will need root access and a root file explorer like Root Explorer or ES File Manager. Fortunately, a custom recovery is not required this time.

  1. Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Touchwiz launcher zip file:
  2. Download the zip file on your phone and extract it. You will get a folder called TouchWizHome_Zero.
  3. There is an APK file called TouchWizHome_ZERO.apk and a folder lib.
  4. Open your file manager and go to System > Priv-App > TouchWizHome_K.
  5. Delete everything that you find inside there and move the new APK file and the new folder.

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Reboot your phone and you will be greeted with the Galaxy S6 TouchWiz launcher on your Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Note 3.



  1. Thank u bro

    Can i use galaxy s6 launcher on my galaxy s5 without root?!

    Or can you give me galaxy s6 apk laucher.. Just launcher

  2. bro ronaldo thanks for all you work man you inspire me 🙂 it too sad to say that i followed your steps one by one but i just lost my touchwiz old version and had nothing new i mean i didnt get s6 touchwizz 🙁 my phone ig9505 runs on official lollipop 5.0.1 is full charged rooted i have root explorer pro all was perfect but i had no result i hope you will reply me 🙁

    • Did you make a backup of the original launcher files? Use “Root Explorer” for transferring the files (S6 launcher) because it automatically sets the permissions.

  3. bro ronaldo i expected to have some issues thats why i backed the files and i restored my lollipop touchwiz (thanks i have no problem on doing that) but my real problem is : before editing permissions to 644 i lost my touchwizz ^^’ but when i set permissions it looked like it gonna work( i mean on the booting I saw the the make up to date stuff and all) but when THE phone started and gave me the BOX OF choosing which launcher i would go with i had a non stop crashing error when i choose touchwizz i dont know why 🙁 the error said : touchwizz has stoped working” please help me i really like the gs6 launcher i wish you got a solution bro

    • Did you delete the odex (arm) folder? Try setting the S6 launcher as the default one and if it force closes, wipe cache and data from Application Manager and reboot the phone.

      • the arm folder i deleted it in the 1st step just like you are showing on your tutorial ( delete apk and arm folder and replace em with apk zero and lib folder without forgeting the permissions to rw-r–r–) i wiped cach data of my touchwiz i set him as the default launcher but it keep craching again and again ronaldo i feel so sad about it 🙁
        i found a zip file called of 13.8 mb ill flash it with philz its my last chance to have the marvelous touchwizz of gs6

        • Ammar, permits that must have the touchwiz be only the first column and only the first of the second column, I had the same problem as you and stick with it , hope is the same for you

          • Thanks a lot for replying charly1003 sorry for my bad english i didnt get what you wanted to say and i ll be thankful if you explain a bit to me 🙂

  4. hi

    plz plz make galaxy s6 launcher for galaxy s5 with lolipop rom without root

    look like another launcher can i install on my phone wihtout root for example go launcher . nova launcher and etc plz plz make


  5. Hi. I tried on my note 3 and it didn’t work. After rebooting I even tried launching the Touchwiz APK and it wouldn’t install. I have root access and use Solid Explorer. I also didn’t find that “arm folder” that you guys mentioned in the convo. Unfortunately I also forgot to backup my stock touchwizz but I’m ok because I use another launcher. Please let me know if there’s a way that I can’t get it running.
    Thank you.

  6. Why ???????? this broke my galaxy s4 it lost all apps and I don’t have a computer what do I do plz plz plz plz help me

  7. hello i use CM13 with trebuchet but dont let me to delete… and that Folder where you say Touchwizz is not exist since i was delete my rom and i was put 6.0.1 android M…. so what i can do to put TW on it?

  8. How can I take back my main menu iIt dıdnt be 🙁 I m using note 3 9000q lolipop 5.0 but ı cant turn back my original lolipop maın menu ıt cant open and always be blank main screen 🙁


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