Install Galaxy S5 Launcher & Apps on Galaxy S4 (Lollipop)

After many months of waiting, Samsung finally decided to roll out the official Android 5.0 Lollipop update to all Galaxy S4 variants, Exynos and Snapdragon. At first, Galaxy S4 owners were happy because they finally got the chance to enjoy the beauty of Lollipop.

The performance was improved thanks to the new runtime system, battery lasted longer thanks to a better power saving mode and the overall experience was smoother. But after a few days of using it, users finally realized that this Lollipop firmware wasn’t the update they were expecting. The user interface was basically the same.

It had the same launcher, same icons. It wasn’t that huge change that stock Android experienced. Samsung could at least include some of the Galaxy S5 apps in the firmware. Annoyed that Samsung didn’t do so, a developer ported some of the most important Galaxy S5 apps to the Lollipop firmware of the Galaxy S4.

The recognized contributor Albe95 has been very active in the past providing other apps for the Galaxy S4, including Galaxy S6 apps, launcher, notification drawer and more. If you are interested in installing official ported Galaxy S6 apps on your Galaxy S4, read install Galaxy S6 apps on Galaxy S4.

But of course, those apps are still in development and contain a few bugs that can occur from time to time. If you aren’t ready to install those apps just yet, a better idea is to install Galaxy S5 apps. They are much more stable and do not have any major bugs.

Download and install Galaxy S5 Lollipop Apps on Galaxy S4

S5 Launcher + Magazine Support

The most wanted and requested app from the Galaxy S5 is the launcher with magazine support. To install it, you only need to have root access and a file explorer with root permissions.

Download & Installation

  1. Download Galaxy S5 Lollipop launcher and extract it.
  2. Put the Touchwiz Home APK file in system/priv-app/TouchwizHome_K/.
  3. Move the Headline folder to system/app.

There are a lot more apps that you can install including Galaxy S5 Lollipop Gallery, Message App, Dialer & Contacts, My Files and weather widget. Download the full pack here and follow the respective instructions to install them.



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