Install Custom Recovery on Galaxy Note 4 (PhilZ and CWM)

Custom Recoveries have been considered as life savers by many people. A recovery mode is a runtime environment where the user can do a few things. Every Android phone comes with a basic Recovery that you can be accessed using button combinations.

On most devices, it can be accessed by pressing Power + Home + Volume down or up buttons. It is a simple process to do. Pre-installed Recoveries on Android devices are very limited and can do only a few basic things like apply software updates, run an external tool from the Micro SD card and wipe data, cache and dalvik cache.

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But this is only a fraction of what they can actually do. That’s why developers have created custom versions with plenty of added features. For example, on a custom Recovery you can install zip files (ROMs and kernels), system backup and restore NANDROID backup, touch screen layout and ADB support.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has received two custom Recoveries: CWM and PhilZ. If you have rooted your phone and want to start installing ROMs and mods, here’s how to install a custom one.


PhilZ is one of the most popular custom Recoveries. It is an enhanced version of CWM with added features and options. It has full support for touch screen interface.

Download PhilZ for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 trltexx N910F Snapdragon: link

You can install the Recovery as a zip file or as a tar.md5 file. If you have already another custom Recovery, then you can install PhilZ directly from it. But if you have the stock one, you have to download ODIN and flash the tar.md5 file.

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There are also a few other modified CWM versions. This time, you can install it on the Snapdragon as well as on the Exynos variant.

Download CWM for Galaxy Note 4 Snapdragon: link and Note 4 Exynos: link



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