Increase Memory Storage of Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cassini

A major problem with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that the internal storage is very small and limited. This is because of all the bloatware and extra features the Galaxy S4 has. If you buy a 16 GB variant you can use only 10-11 GB because the rest is taken from the system firmware.

Of course, you can install a MicroSD card but we all know that MicroSD cards are not as fast as the internal memory storage the phone has, especially if you want to install graphic intensive games. You can also remove the bloatware to increase storage memory but if you want all the features the phone has, yet more memory, there is a way called Cassini.


What is Cassini you may ask. It is a tool which compresses system files and applications making them smaller in size and faster. What you need to do first is to download Cassini here.

Then extract the ZIP file you just downloaded and execute the .exe file to install it. Once it is installed, select all the AKPs you want to compress and Cassini will do the work for you. That’s it. As you can see, this tool can compress up to 1100 MB of data, which means your device will have 1.1 GB more memory.


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