How to calibrate Samsung Galaxy S4 screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the best displays at the moment. A 5″ FullHD Super AMOLED screen will give you amazing contrast and colors will pop out the screen and viewing angles are unbelievable. But sometimes you may not like those over saturated colors and want something more true to life.

If that’s so, follow the guide below on how to calibrate Samsung Galaxy S4 screen.


1. First of all, you need a custom kernel.
Download Perseus kernel here
2. After you have installed Perseus, open STweaks app. This app will be automatically installed along Perseus.
3. Once you have opened STweaks app, find the Screen Tab.
4. Now there you can do everything possible.  Change the gamma, colors etc.

If you don’t want to mess with these options don’t worry. Perseus has a custom color profile that is automatically applied after you have installed the kernel.  So just install Perseus and you are good to go.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


  1. Hello Admin, did you seen any lag in in your galaxy s4 recently ? i mean when you touching back button to return in home screen or touching menu button to go in menu or launching a app ? if not then I’m having the s4 is I9500 as yours.I’m getting 22000-24500 in Antutu Benchmark and occasionally 27000-27600..Is it normal or there is problem with my s4 ? If you have Antutu Benchmark installed in your phone then can you pls benchmark it again and wrote score when when you reply ? is it normal that the phone use 1-1.3 GB ram it normal use with no 3rd party apps open ?

    By the way I’m getting almost same score after factory reset with no apps 3rd party apps installed..pls pls pls reply bro I’m in problem with my device !!

    • Hi souvik,
      The only lag i experience is when pressing the home button to go to Home screen. This is easy fixable. Go to SVoice app > Setting and disable home button launch.
      Yes I get the same scores as you ( listen to me, never trust benchmarks) and it’s normal that 1.3 GB Ram is being used as Touchwiz is very heavy.

      • Thanks for reply bro..but i have one more question,on YouTube whoever benchmarking the phone getting higher score than me. In Quadrant people got 13210 i got almost same score,But in Antutu People got 28161 I got 22440-26750,including 3Dmark I got low score…But after reading your answer I understood that it’s not a big deal…But in real world use did you ever experienced any kind of lag in Touchwiz ? or Phone performing slow..Also did your phone overheat after little heavy uses ?

        Pls Answer,I’m waiting holding my

        • Benchmark scores differ from each other because there are different firmwares. Go to for the latest firmwares. Sometimes I get a launcher redraw. When I go to home screen sometimes the launcher redraws which means every widget reloads again. Yes, my phone gets hot on heavy usage, especially when playing games like Real Racing 3 but not as hot as to be uncomfortable to hold.
          Here are some of Galaxy S4 problems.

          If you have any other questions ask me 🙂

  2. My galaxcy s 4 had a protective screen on it and I took it off now when I try to push on something it lags and something else will pop up. Is there a way I can calibrate this to fix it? I can’t seem to find it and I don’t want to reset it.


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