HTC M8 – Top 3 Best Features

Here are top 3 best features of the new HTC One (M8). Every year, new devices are released with better processor, bigger and better display and bigger battery capacity. They not only have better specifications, but they also have better build quality and have plenty of new features and HTC’s 2014 flagship device is not an exception. Like every high-end phone, the M8 had some really interesting features. Here are top 3 ones.

Dual-Camera for photos with DSLR in-depth focusing qualify.


Not many devices have two cameras. Even those that have two, use the cameras for 3D photos and videos. The M8 doesn’t capture 3D photos neither records 3D videos. Instead, the phone uses the second camera for better in-depth photo effect. You can focus every object of the photo. For example, if your phone captures a photo and it’s focused at an object that is behind you, you can easily focus the photo on you and not on the object behind you.

Also, the camera is UltraPixel as on the M7. This means that the phone is able to get some bright shots on very low light ambient because of the big pixels which allow more light inside them.

Extreme Power Saving Mode


Smartphones always advance. Software, processors and displays always get better. That’s not the case with battery life. Since chipsets and displays are improved, they require more battery. The problem is that smart phone batteries haven’t advanced a lot. The M8 only has a 2600 mAh battery which is not big when compared to other smartphones.

That’s why it has a cool feature called Extreme Power Saving Mode. Everyone knows what a normal power saving mode is. It disables any unnecessary applications to make the battery last for a few minutes more,  maybe an hour. With Extreme Power Saving mode enabled, the new HTC One can go through a whole day with only 10% battery left. Apparently, this is actually achieved by not only disabling unnecessary applications but also by lowering the processor frequency and making the display only black and white.

Amazing Build Quality


Alright, this isn’t exactly a feature but it is impossible to not mention the amazing build quality of the new HTC One. It is made completely out of aluminum. The old “One” was 50% aluminum whereas the new “One” is 70%. The only non-metal parts is the display and thin plastic lines on the back for all necessary connectivity such as WiFi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth. The feeling you get when you hold it with your hands for the first time is just amazing. It is very sturdy and screams quality. Just don’t drop it because it will scratch a lot and repairing it is not the easiest thing in the world to do.

These are three of the best “features” of the new HTC One “M8”. Is there any other feature that should have been mentioned? Let us know down below.


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