OTA (Over-the-air) software update is the best way to update every Android devices. These updates are usually small, 100MB or less because the update changes only specific changes and not the all firmware. And the best part of OTA updates is that they do not require a PC or Mac. But how to update OTA?

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware with OTA software update?

1. Bring up Settings.
2. Select More tab.
3. Go to About device.
4. Click on Software update.
5. Select Update ~ Check for updates.
6. System will download update package (if available).
7. Finally, select Install.
8. That’s it.

Galaxy S4 will be rebooted into recovery mode and install the update package. Everything will be done in minutes. Enjoy…

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  • Dayne

    hi.. thanks for the simple steps. I have a question though;
    I was notified of the latest update by my phone through automatic checking.
    I tapped the notification and the update started downloading but once I saw that the size was more than 300MB, I cancelled the download (thinking that I can re-download later through wi-fi). Unfortunately, when I tap the ‘check for updates’ in d ‘Settings’ menu, the phone connects to the server and return a message saying ‘Latest update has been installed’.
    I’m guessing that due to the partially downloaded installer, the server wont connect and allow for a re-download of the whole package once more.
    I tried factory reset of my phone but still the same problem occurs; ‘Latest update has been installed’.

    Can somebody help me here. Thank you in advance!

    • Hello dayne, try this:
      -Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework-You will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it.
      -Reboot your phone
      Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.

      Maybe this will solve your problem 🙂

      • Dayne

        Hello Ronaldo, thank you for your quick reply and suggestions.However, I tried as you described and the problem still persists. 

        • Hmm not sure then. Do you have the international variant of the S4 and do you remember the OTA update name?

  • Dayne

    Hello Ronaldo, thank you for your quick reply and suggestions.
    However, I tried as you described and the problem still persists. 🙁

  • Raphael

    Hello There I’m Raphael I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy S4. I have the Octacore versión GT i9500. I tried to Update my phone via FOTA but when I tried I received a Message telling me: Your Device has been modified, Update is Not Available. I think this happend because my mobile is Rooted. Please tell me what to do. My question is: Can I undone the root? What can I do to access the Update via FOTA? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi raphael, you are right. You can’t update OTA if you are rooted. Unrooting the phone is very easy and simple. Go to SuperSu > Settings and tap Full UnRoot.