How To Unroot LG G3 To Receive OTA Update (Restore To Stock ROM)

It has been a few weeks since LG launched its new flagship device, LG G3. Many of you want to customize your LG G3 so you have probably rooted it. Rooting gives access to administrative rights on your Android device. It gives a lot of benefits. So you can uninstall applications that were installed by the device manufacturer, increase battery life, increase performance and many other benefits.

Rooting your phone will void the warranty of your device. It also will not receive any official released updates. If you  have already rooted your LG G3 and want to unroot it back and make as it had never rooted before, follow the simple steps below.

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This procedure is only for rooted stock ROMs to restore the phone in order to receive OTA updates.

NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your phone. 

Please note before starting:

  • It does not delete the data or partition of your device.
  • It will reinstall any uninstalled bloat.
  • It will remove any files added to system, root or other modification.
  • If you have frozen any files you cannot unfreeze them again without rooting. This guide is for a full unroot so there is another optional step below to unfreeze apps.


The procedure.

  • At first download LG PC Suite from LG official website. Download here. Before downloading you must select your phone model.
  • You have to update the app because if you don’t update it will not recognize your Lg G3. Sometimes the app asks you to update automatically but if don’t you can update it manually from the “help” menu.

Note: If you have used KDZ flashing methods you may have problems during updates because your host files probably block PC Suite from gaining a connection.

  • After installing and updating PC Suite, connect the phone via USB, PC Suite offers a connection through Wi Fi but in this case a USB connection is required.

OPTIONAL STEP: If you have frozen apps, unfreeze them because they may affect OTA installation.

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  • While the device is connected, in PC Suite go to “phone” menu and select the option “Restore Ugrade Errors”.
  • PC Suite will scan your device, then download the rom and all the further process is automatic, you don’t have to do anything else.
  • After finishing the phone will be reboot. When the phone is turned on it will be unrooted and unmodified. Any OTA update should work fine.
  • If you want to go 100% to a stock ROM, try a factory reset, this will delete all installed or modified apps and data and your phone will be like new.


  1. Hi,
    This did not work for my device. When I set up everything and connected the phone, LG PC Suite said that the latest version is installed.


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