How To Unlock OnePlus One Bootloader & Reset Tamper Flags

How to reset OnePlus One tamper flags and how to unlock the bootloader without wiping data. On most Android devices you have to unlock the bootloader and root the system in order to install a custom ROM. This process is very simple and easy and everyone can do it.

There is no risk of unlocking the phone and resetting tamper flags if you follow the instructions very carefully. You can damage your phone if you aren’t careful and don’t follow the instructions properly. The OnePlus One has a big problem that many users have reported.

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If you unlock the phone, install a custom ROM and then lock the bootloader, you will have problems unlocking it again. Many users have reported that they cannot unlock it anymore because it is fully locked. In this article, we are going to unlock the bootloader without losing data and reset the temper flags.

oneplus one unlock bootloader reset tamper flags

Usually, the bootloader of OnePlus One can be unlocked with the following command:

fastboot oem unlock

This command works fine when you unlock it for the first time. But it has problems and doesn’t really work when you lock the phone again. Another negative thing about it is that you have to wipe the phone and lose all data.

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With the new script, you can unlock your phone without any problems. You don’t have to wipe data and nothing will be deleted from your phone. Another good thing about the script is that it resets the tamper flags. Read the thread and follow the instructions.


  1. i followed the thread but im a noob and have no idea what i am supposed to do with the partition and aboot bit any help please?


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