How To Unbrick Bricked LG G3 (Stuck In Bootloop)

If your LG G3 is soft bricked and cannot boot up which means it is stuck in a bootloop, there is an easy way to unbrick and bring it back to life. Bricking your Android phone is not fun. It can happen for many reasons and when it happens, your phone cannot boot up.

It is stuck on the Android boot animation logo and stays there forever. Even if you try to turn it off and restart it again, it will stay on the boot animation logo. There are two kind of bricked devices, soft bricked and hard bricked.

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If you LG G3 is hard bricked, there is not much you can do. It doesn’t go to Recovery mode, it doesn’t got Download mode and it doesn’t even show the boot animation Android LG G3 logo. So if your LG G3 is hard bricked, chances of reviving it are low. But chances to hard brick it are also low.

unbrick bricked lg g3 stuck bootloop

This happens only if you mess with the operating system files and accidentally delete something that you shouldn’t delete. But, soft brick is a much more common problem and can happen at any time, for as long as you are messing with the OS.

You can soft brick your LG G3 by installing the wrong custom ROM or kernel. When the LG G3 is bricked, it doesn’t go to Recovery mode, it may show the boot animation logo but the good thing is that it goes to Download mode.

That is all you need in order to install a fresh version of Android firmware and unbrick your soft bricked LG G3.

How to unbrick soft bricked LG G3 which is stuck in bootloop

  1. Download LG PC Suite here. Don’t worry about USB drivers, this program will automatically install them.
  2. Turn your LG G3 off.
  3. Connect your LG G3 to your computer and hold the Volume Up button.
  4. This will put your phone into Download Mode.
  5. After a few seconds, the Download mode.
  6. Open LG PC Suite.
  7. Tap on the Repair button and follow the steps that the program provides.
  8. Wait for the program to fix your LG G3.

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That is it. Now your LG G3 has been unbricked and revived. You can now start using your phone again.


  1. nothing happens after i open up LG PC Suite, there is no repair button at all, when i try to connect, it just searches the phone but finds nothing

  2. me, too. My LG G3 is on boot loop. My phone is off. I connect to pp and hold volume up button, but it appear nothing. Help me.

  3. After a few seconds entering download mode. My phone enter ‘Firmware Update’ saying do not unplug the USB connection until the process is complete. And a box below states USER B100.

    The problem is, it stuck at that page with the % still at 0. How? Need help!

    • I had the exact same problem, until I pieced together some instructions from (mainly) this tutorial:

      I’m sharing the link to give credit to/show appreciation for their work, but my problem was solved more specifically by:

      1. Having LG drivers installed… I know that sounds obvious, but I thought I had them when I didn’t, and that caused a few speed bumps.
      2. Changing the COM PORT number to COM41 (In device manager, on a PC)
      3. CHECK THE “BOARD DL” BUBBLE in the LG Flashtool, not “Upgrade DL”

      That got me through the Flashtool process… When it finally does boot to the ATT screen:

      1. Click “OK”, even though it tells you not to.
      2. After that, hold the power button down and then press “Normal Boot (+power)”. It should reboot normally.

      That did it for me. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

      • Hi, I have got follow this instructions but then that I press “Normal Boot (+power)” appear on Display a green screen “App Watchdog Barck!”

        How I solve it?

        Thanks for your support

  4. I dowloading the Firmware (COM3) and when my phone reset during the download he stay stuck on “life’s good” screen again , I take out the battery and restart and he stuck again on life’s good.. Help please !

  5. This probably the worst tutorial ever created and leaves far more questions than answers. You don’t even list the proper procedure of holding the power button AND the volume up button.

  6. I had a g3 with “unfortunately system ui has stopped” message locking up the phone when plugged in and just continually in a boot loop when not plugged. There was no way to connect with the phone when attached to my computer. After many google searches I found this solution and it worked! Everything restored. Thank You

  7. For LG G3 boot loop issue, only downgrading to stock ROM KitKat 4.4.2 worked for me. Newer android releases seem to cause hardware conflicts with this model, especially while using Wi-Fi and enter in a boot loop. To downgrade, I used LGUP Tool and a suitable kdz file as LG stock firmware which you can find after some research on the net.

  8. I have a LG G3 olleh and the phone services keep stopping along with freezing and continuously restarting.
    How do I fix it


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