How To Take A Screenshot On The Galaxy S5

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5? The GS5 packs plenty of useful features and applications which make our lives easier. Fingerprint sensor, Multi Window, S Health and many more. But one question that you will always do, on every new device that gets released is: How to take a screenshot?

On the Galaxy S5, just like on previous Galaxy S devices, there are a few ways to take a screenshot just because Samsung likes to make users to choose from wide variety of options. On the Galaxy S5, you can take a shot of your screen in two ways. The first one is through buttons combination and the second one is through gestures.

First Method – Keys Combination


This option has been available for quite a long time on Android. However, the keys which need to be pressed are a little different. On the GS5, you need to press at the same time the Power button and Home button for a second. If you press them correctly, the phone will immediately take a screenshot of whatever is appearing on the screen. You can find the shot on the Gallery app under the folder named “Screenshots”. This method works best when you don’t have a case because the keys are easier to press. With the case on you can accidentally turn your phone off.

Second Method – Hand Motions


This method requires to have Motions option enabled. To do so, go to Settings menu > My Device tab and scroll down until you find Motion option. Click it, scroll down again and enable the option “Palm Swipe To Capture”. Now, once you have activated it, you have to swipe your hand over the screen to take a screenshot. An animation will confirm the take screenshot. As always, you can find the shot on the Gallery.


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