Taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S4 is very easy and quick. There are two options on taking a screenshot.

First option:


As you can see in the first picture, you just have to hold the Power Button and the Home Button at the same time for a couple of seconds, then the screenshot will be saved on your gallery.

Second option:



First go to SettingsĀ»Motions and Gestures and enable Palm Motion. Then just flip your hand over the screen to take a screenshot. Simple as that.

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  • tammy

    I tried method 1, twice, and each time it did a reboot of my phone.nothing happened with method 2.

    • Hi tammy, are you running stock or custom?

  • tammy

    Not changed a thing on it..

    • Weird. Go te Settings > More > About Device and check out Android version and Build number

      • tammy

        Version 4.2.2

        build number incredibly long. Tried to see if I could copy it by pressing on it.. after a few times a little message popped up

        you are now 3 steps closer to being a developer

        Weird.. pressed a few other fields ans back to build same message but number decremented to 2

        too bad I can’t screenshot it

        • That is a Android 4.2.2 feature, where you can enable developer options by pressing build number 7 times.

          You said that every time you tried method 1 your phone just reboots. That can happen only because you haven’t pressed Power button and home button at the same time.

          • tammy

            Thanks. I suspect it might be interference from my case as it covers the power button. Thanks

  • ctcinta

    Hi I want to try the 2nd option but it does not working..

    • You should slightly touch the screen when flipping your hand over the phone. It needs some time to get used to do this correctly.

  • SharonA

    None of these options are working. I feel like I have a lemon phone. I suspect I might need to go exchange it??

    • Are you using Touchwiz firmware? Try the first option one more time Sharon. Press the power and the home button at the same time and hold them for two seconds.

  • Rachel B

    I am trying and trying option 2 but it just won’t work!!

    • Have you put a little pressure on the screen when swiping Rachel?

  • ch1m3r4

    OPTION 3;

    Settings> My Device> Accessibility> Assistant Menu

    Once setup, a small floating square on screen, movable / re-positionable, one tap to open and one more to capture screen, easy-peasy