How to Take a Break from the Computer every 30 Minutes without Forgetting

Computers and smartphones are becoming important parts of our lives. Basically, we cannot live without technology and tech devices. We use a PC or phone every day, every hour, every minute. We need these devices to communicate with family or even for business.

Even though computers and telephones are designed to improve our lives, they also damage us. They don’t hurt us immediately. They hurt us gradually. Since we are staring most of the time at the screen of the devices we are damaging our eyes. Our eyes stay focused at a specific place (displays) for a very long time. This causes them to strain and hurt a lot, especially if you stay on your tech gadget for long periods of time.


At the moment you finish your job and look around at the room where you are sitting, you’ll notice that you will have a bad time focusing and reading words that are away from you. This happens because your eyes are strained. They are used to focus in an object that is close. When you try to look far, your eyes get lazy and don’t want to focus an  object that is far.

To prevent eye strains from happening, you should take a break from your computer or your smart phone every 30 minutes for about 30 seconds. This will help and relax your eyes and at the end, they won’t be itchy or strained. However, this is easier to be said than done because when you are working or playing, 30 minutes go very quickly and you totally forget to take the break.

A simple app to remind you would be very useful in this case. Eye Relax, an app created exactly for this purpose, alerts you every 30 minutes to take a break for 30 seconds. You simply activate the app and it will work for as long as you want. If you aren’t happy with only 30 minutes, the paid version of Eye Relax allows you to change the length of breaks as well as the time between breaks.

Download Eye Relax from Play Store here and prevent eye strain once and for all.



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