How To Save Battery Life on AMOLED Devices With Pixel Battery Saver

If you have an Android device which has an AMOLED display, you can save battery life using an app called Pixel Battery Saver. Battery life is one of the biggest problems that smartphone owners have to deal with.

Smartphones advance everyday with better specifications, faster processors, more GB RAM, bigger and higher resolution displays and slimmer bodies. Manufacturers try to make their devices as thin as possible. And they have managed to successfully do so. We have seen devices thinner than 5 mm.

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But in order to make devices slimmer, manufacturers have to compromise a few components of the device. One of these components is the battery. The phone gets thinner, the batter also gets smaller.

pixel battery saver amoled

There are many methods which aim to improve battery life. Turning off WiFi, Mobile data, GPS and Bluetooth are a few ways of improving battery life. Other methods include activating power saving mode, disabling certain applications and features. While these are effective methods of saving battery life, these prevent us from accessing many features of our phones.

We cannot access internet, GPS and when power saving mode is activated, many applications are blocked. However, if you have a device with an AMOLED device, you can increase battery life without compromising phone features. AMOLED displays have a huge advantage over LCD ones. Every pixel on AMOLED has its own light while pixels on LCD get the light from a backlight.

When a black image is shown up on the screen, pixels on AMOLED devices turn completely off while on LCD devices there is no difference because the backlight is still on. This is a big advantage because AMOLED displays do not use battery on black images while LCD displays use the same amount of battery.

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High-end flagship devices come with high-resolution AMOLED displays. The Galaxy S5 has a Full HD 5.1″ screen, the Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7″ QHD screen and the Nexus 6 has a 5.9″ QHD screen. A QHD resolution is not necessary on such small displays. These screens drain a lot of battery juice and the phone doesn’t last as long as it would if it had a lower resolution screen.

Because of this. the app called Pixel Battery Saver aims to save battery life on all devices that have an AMOLED display. The app turns off a part of the pixels without compressing image quality.

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There are a few levels where the lowest one turns off a small amount of pixels and doesn’t compromise image quality while the highest one turns off a big part of the pixels making the screen pixelated. This will save a lot of battery life and you still get to enjoy all the applications and features of your phone.

Download Pixel Battery Saver here.


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