How to Root Galaxy Note 3 with Odin Without Triggering Knox 0x1

How to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 while still having Knox counter set as 0x0? Every time you root a device that has Knox installed, it will trigger 0x1 counter and your warranty will be voided. Luckily, you can root your Galaxy Note 3 on some specific firmwares that won’t trigger Knox. Some people tested it and seemed like it fully works.

I want to note though that this will only root your firmware without going to 0x1 and it won’t reset the counter if it has been already triggered. The only firmwares you can currently root are MI7, MJ1, MJ3. Yes, these aren’t the newest firmwares possible as official Kitkat has already rolled out for the Note 3. However, they are the only option if you want to root your device and still have warranty.


The OP of the thread says that he has rooted its Note 3 previously with  Root de la Vega while on MI7 and Knox hasn’t triggered. To root your Note 3 you have to enable everRoot, inject SuperSu as well as inject mobile odin. The instructions are a bit confusing so make sure to read them very carefully as a little mistake might your device to trigger Knox or even brick it.

This works only for SM-N9005 Snapdragon Galaxy Note version. Check out this XDA thread here for full instructions.

Samsung has introduced KNOX as a software that greatly improves and enhances the security of its devices. The company says this software is intended towards businesses which really care about the security. Knox may a good thing for businesses but it is not very good for individual consumers.

They buy and android device because the operating system is open source. So they can root it, flash their favorite firmwares and edit them as they want. However, Knox is preventing them because many users don’t want to be out of warranty.


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