How to restore Moto X Stock Firmware to Make It Brand New

There are many ways you can avoid your Moto X’s warranty. Flashing a custom firmware, mods or even just rooting your phone voids the warranty. The good thing is that by flashing the stock firmware you get the warranty back, unlike Samsung devices that apart from restoring the stock ROM, you also need to reset the flash counter.

Restoring a stock firmware on the Moto X is very easy. It simply requires 2 things:

a) Moto X USB drivers

b) Stock Firmware


Luckily, there’s a script called “Moto X Restore Utility” which does everything for you. You only have to follow the guide below and in minutes, your Moto X will be like brand new.

Download Moto X Restore Utility here.

Important Notes:

a) Your computer must have at least 2GB of RAM and 3GB of free storage.

b) Your Moto X should not have a low battery percentage because it might turn off during the process.

c) It is recommended to wipe your data before starting with the installation process.

How to restore the stock firmware?

1) Download and open Moto X Restore Utility. There you will see a few options but the the first three ones are important.

2) If you have never installed USB drivers before, select the first option. It will install all required drivers so the computer will recognize your phone.

3) Then choose the second option. It will download the stock firmware. You can choose the one you want. This may take a while if you have a slow Internet connection.

4) Once you have downloaded the ROM, put your phone into Fastboot mode. Turn it off and then press and hold at the same time Power + Volume Down buttons.

5) Connect your Moto X to your computer through a USB cable.

6) Now choose the third option: Restore Moto X. This will start restoring the phone to stock.

7) Reboot your phone.

That’s it. Now your phone is in stock mode and you have the warranty back again.


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