How To Remove/Uninstall Bloatware on HTC One (M8)

How to disable and delete all bloatware which is installed on the HTC One M8? Bloatware are all apps that take a lot of memory space and are not frequently used primarily because they are useless for a lot of people. Even though the new Sense 6.0 is relatively clean and simple, it still has some bloatware that can be disabled for more space and better performance.

The good news is that you don’t have to remove those apps one by one manually. That would be time-consuming and not worth the effort. Instead, a mod called Ultra Cleaner De-Bloater M8 will do all the hard work for you.

This mod has already a long list configured of what should it remove from the system.The list includes different languages from all over the world, bookmark apps, Radio app and its services live wallpapers and many more. Check out the original thread for the whole list.



Since this mod includes plenty of apps, there might be a program that you want and don’t want to delete. To prevent your apps from being deleted, extract the mod, go to META-INF > Com > Google > Android and open updater script file with Notepad++. There remove all the lines of apps that you want to keep. Once you have removed from the script your apps, move the mod file to your phone.

Then turn your M8 off and put it into Recovery Mode. Go to Flash Zip file, find the mod and flash it. Wait for a few moments and then reboot your phone. Now all bloatware has been removed from your HTC One (M8) and more than 300 MB of space has become available.

Download HTC M8 Bloware Remover here.


  1. Maybe some of us would prefer to do the manual removal rather than trust an app that has to flash the phone to take them out? Count me as one of those people!

    Why not give us a list of recommendations and instructions? Even though we can use Notepad++ to see what will be uninstalled and modify the file accordingly, that takes time as well, and most people don’t have Notepad++ installed on their PC’s either.

    I would like to see a list with the instructions that not only tells us what we can remove, but also tells us what each one of those is for. Then we can make educated decisions on what we want and don’t want.

    And I understand that this article is probably quite old by now, so you probably won’t do this for the HTC One M8, but you could take this into consideration for future articles about removing bloatware from other phones.


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