How To Remove Words From Predictive Dictionary Galaxy S5 & LG G3

How to remove different words from predictive dictionary on the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3 and other Android devices with predictive text feature. One important feature that a lot of Android phones have is text prediction.

When you start typing something on your phone, a small bar will show up above the keyboard with a few words which are based on what you have just written. Most of the times this feature is excellent and always predicts the right words.

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However, there are a few cases where it always predicts the wrong thing. When you type half of a word and the suggestion is wrong and you don’t select it, next time you write that word it will display the same wrong prediction.

You can fix this be removing the wrong word and replacing it with the right one. Removing words from the predictive dictionary of your phone is very easy. Start typing a word and stop when the wrong suggestion shows up. Tap and hold the word. A window will show up and you have the option to delete or remove it.

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To make sure the wrong suggestion doesn’t show up again, write the full right word and then click the right suggestion. Do this a few times. This will add the word into the predictive dictionary. This way, the wrong suggestion will not show up again.