How To Remove Hboot Red Text From HTC One M9 (Sprint)

If you have an HTC One M9 from Sprint, and you have unlocked its bootloader, you have to face with the annoying red text that appears every time the phone boots up. Every Android phone has security measures when someone manages to breach into the system. On Samsung devices there is a small exclamation point and on HTC devices there is red text message during the boot screen.

Besides screaming at your face every time you reboot the phone, the red text message does not affect the functionality of the phone. The message is there simply to let you know that the bootloader of the phone is unlocked. On the Sprint variant of the HTC One M9, you can remove the hboot red text message, using a modified aboot image.

If you don’t want the text to appear on your phone, follow the guide below to completely remove it.

Remove ABOOT Sprint One M9 Red Text Message

  • Your phone needs to have S-OFF.
  • HTC One M9 ADB USB Drivers (link)
  • You need to be on firmware version 1.32.651.30 or 2.6.651.11

Download removed red text: 1.32.651.30 | 2.6.651.11

  1. Download the zip file with modified aboot, which removes the red text message on Sprint HTC One M9.
  2. Turn your phone off and go into bootloader mode.
  3. Open ADB control panel on your computer and make sure your phone is listed there.
  4. Move the extracted file inside the ADB folder.
  5. Type:
    fastboot flash zip
  6. Reboot the phone.

When the phone boots up, you will notice that the red text message is no longer there. If it still shows up, flash the file once again for your firmware.