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How to remove S Finder and Quick Connect options on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 comes with an improved Touchwiz user interface and it has more software features then ever. The Galaxy S5 is the first phone to have a heart rate monitor which is very useful for all the people who suffer from heart diseases. They don’t have to go to the doctor anymore to measure the heart rate.

Also, the Touchwiz firmware has been drastically improved. On previous Galaxy devices, Touchwiz was very slow and buggy. But on the Galaxy S5 the firmware is very fast and lag is non-existent. If you are looking for a new phone and are worried about performance, the Galaxy S5 has got you covered.

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Even though Touchwiz software on the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of features and options that a lot appreciate, there are a few things that can be very annoying and useless. Two of these things are the S Finder and Quick Connect options on the notification drawer.

With S Finder you can find everything on your phone. You simply type the name and all contacts, songs, videos and more will appear. The other option, Quick Connect, is used to to quickly connect to other devices like a computer, TV and smartphone.

While they might be useful, they are certainly annoying. Every time you open the notification drawer you see these two options which take a lot of space and can be pressed by mistake. Read below to remove them from your Galaxy S5.

How to remove Galaxy S5 S Finder & Quick Connect options

1. If your Galaxy S5 isn’t rooted, root it now following this tutorial (article & video).

2. Install Xposed Framework (link) and then download Xposed G-Touchwiz module (link).

3. Activate the module and open it. There you have the option to disable S Finder and Quick Connect.

4. Click Save and reboot your Galaxy S5.

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Now your Galaxy S5 has removed Quick Connect and S Finder options from the notification drawer. If you want to bring them back, simply deactivate the module.

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