How To Record Slow Motion Videos On The HTC One M8

Record and watch slow motion videos taken on your HTC One M8. The One M8 has the capability to record slow motion 720p HD videos at 120 frames per seconds. Slow motion recordings are very cool and useful when you want to watch something that is fast paced.

Slow motion videos allow you to record whatever you are watching and then view it a lot slower to notice all the details that cannot be seen in normal mode . But to record these type of videos on the HTC One M8?


Doing is so actually quite easy. First of all, open the Camera app and select Video Recording mode. Once you have selected it, tap the icon which shows the Recording sign. There you will see an icon which indicates slow motion recording. You will easily notice it because the icon has a little person.

Start recording a video. If you see the lapse time you will notice that every second it goes up by 4 seconds instead of one. So, if you record for 10 seconds, the final video will be 40 seconds long. That is it. Now go out and take some beautiful slow motion videos.


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