How To Open Diagnostic Center Menu on HTC One M8

How to open the diagnostic center menu on the HTC One M8 to test all the functionalities of the phone. The diagnostic menu lets you see if everything is working on your HTC One M8. You can test the multi-touch feature, speakers, sensors, front and rear camera, IR blaster, vibration module and more.

The HTC One M8 is a great device with a lot of awesome features. It has a beautiful display, loud stereo speakers and premium build quality. It is a device that many people want to buy. One thing you should always do before buying your HTC One M8 or even if you already have bought one is to check hardware functionalities.

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Check if everything is working correctly without any problems. Testing all the components right now is the best thing to do because if you later find that something is broken on your HTC One M8, it can be too late.


The warranty might not cover the damage and you are left with a broken HTC One M8. That’s why it is important to test everything on your phone to see if there’s any problem.  To check all the hardware functionalities and to see if every part of the phone is working correctly, you need to open the diagnostic menu.

Through the diagnostic menu you can see if your HTC One M8 has any problems. There are different ways to open the testing menu on Android smartphones. For example, to open the diagnostic menu on Samsung Galaxy devices, you have to open the dialer and type *#0*# and the menu will automatically show up.

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On HTC devices, you have to open the phone app or dialer and type *#*#3424#*#* to open the diagnostic menu. This code might not work on all HTC devices but it works every time on the HTC One M8 and One M7. Through this menu you can check if your phone has any dead or stuck pixels, if the speakers have any problems and if the sensors are working correctly.


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