How to Manage Recently Installed and Downloaded Files for Better Productivity

Are you that type of person that installs many applications, downloads a lot of files from the internet and takes many photos everyday? If you are, you know how difficult it is to manage all the files you have installed or downloaded. Endless files scattered everywhere on your phone and you cannot find the file you are  looking for. I know, it is a real torture.

Samsung devices have the feature to display apps based on the installation date, size, name and frequency of use but that is it. A special program is required to manage all the installed and downloaded files. One of the best apps for this kind of file managing is Recent. Recent is a file manager assistant.


As the name says, this app manages recently taken images and downloaded files. As the feature on Samsung phones, Recent can show your apps based on the frequency of use which is very useful because accessing your favorite applications is faster and easier.

Also, how many times have you downloaded a file from the internet and weren’t able to find it using a normal file manager?

Apart from showing the most used apps, Recent can also show recently downloaded files such as images and applications, making it a lot easier to find them.

Download Recent (File Manager Assistant) here.

After you have installed the app and have opened it, you will be greeted with a few images explaining some of the basic features of the app. Then you will automatically go to the main page. There are only four options: Recent installations, downloads, photos and apps. You select one of them and then the app does its job.

Something that I really like about this app is that it has a floating icon. Whenever you press the icon, an interesting circle will appear with the four options we mentioned above. Recent is a simple, yet important and useful app.