How to make the Galaxy S4’s home button react faster

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one if the fastest if not the fastest smartphone available. Everything possible that you can do with the phone is smooth,fast and lag free. That is expected thanks to that powerful processor. But have you noticed a small delay when pressing the home button and going to the home screen? If you have noticed it,there is a very simple fix for it – deactivate the S Voice home button shortcut.

If you don’t know, S Voice can be launched by double-pressing the home button. This means that when you press the button once, it waits for a couple of seconds to see if a second press is coming. If it isn’t, it decides that you just want to go to your home screen and sends you there. This can be the cause for a small delay, which can be reduced by simply disabling the S Voice shortcut.

First,go the S Voice all and then go to settings and uncheck “Open via the home key.”

That’s it. Now you can enjoy your Galaxy S4 or any other devices with S Voice without the annoying lag when pressing the home button.