How to Make Sony Xperia SP Faster and More Responsive

Do you feel like your Sony Xperia SP is starting to get slower, its performance is not as fast as it used to be and apps are taking a long time to open? Every device is fast at the beginning but later they start to lag and hang up all the time.

The same thing happens with the Xperia SP so there is a mod you can install to make it faster and more responsive. This mod is called Speedy Droid and as the name says, it will make your phone fast. Speedy Droid has some really cool features and options.


It can remove all the unwanted bloatware that Sony installs, decrease RAM usage, backup all deleted applications just in case you need them back and it also increases battery life. This mod can be easily installed from recovery mode.

There are two options you can choose from: Super Mode and Custom Mode. If you choose Super Mode, Speedy Droid will remove all the bloatware and of you choose Custom Mode, you can select which apps to uninstall. Download Speedy Droid for Xperia SP here.


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