How to make Samsung Galaxy S4 feel faster

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the fastest smartphones at the moment with a blazing fast processor and 2GB RAM.

But sometimes it feels slow and laggy especially when it comes to animations.
Animations are the reason why Galaxy S4 feels laggy sometimes as they don’t have a very high frame rate.


This can be fixed very easily.

1. Go to Settings
2. Tap the More Tab and go to Devoper Options (Read here on how to enable Developer Options)
3. Find Window/Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale
4. Change the values of these options to 0.
5. That’s it

Now your Samsung Galaxy S4 will be faster when opening and closing different apps and games.


  1. have done this trick almost 1 month ago…and by turning this off you turn of the transition effect.So,no delay made in launcher when returning or entering in menu or going home so it seems to be faster…hahaha

  2. Hey man,Is it possible to uninstall Bloatware form S4 without rooting..I don’t want to disable those features that I Don’t use but uninstall completely……


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