How To Make Auto Correct Better And Prevent Bad Suggestions

How to make auto correct even better than what it already is? Auto correct is probably the best thing that has happened to smart phones. Auto correct helps us by correcting the words which you never type correctly. You usually miss a letter when you type a message, especially when you are typing quickly.

However, auto correct is not always useful. Sometimes it does some mistakes which often are quite funny. You have probably seen many funny cases where auto correct does a horrible job and the sender has to apology for that mistake.

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There are also a few cases where you have to type an email but it is simply impossible because of auto correct. But thanks to a Xposed module, you can easily turn on and off the auto predicting feature of the keyboard. Disabling the auto correct can be a long process because you have to open the Settings menu, find the keyboard app, find the auto correct feature and then turn it off.


How to make auto correct better

To do this, you will need:

-Rooted Device

-Xposed Framework (link)

-Xposed Module Suggestions Toggle (link)

An Xposed module called Suggestions Toggle allows you to easily turn the auto correction feature on and off.

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1) Download and install the Xposed framework.

2) Download and install the Xposed module and activate it through Xposed Settings.

3) Reboot your phone.

4) Whenever you want to disable auto correct, double tap the text box and the feature will automatically turn off.

5) Double tap again and auto correct will turn on again.


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