How to Launch Apps Directly From the Lockscreen on iOS 7

You can easily launch apps from the lockscreen of your jailbroken iOS 7 device. When you jailbreak your phone, you have endless possibilities to customize and make it more accessible and useful.

One way to do so is to launch different applications directly from the lockscreen. This saves you a few seconds as launching them this way is faster and sometimes more convenient. Android phones already have this feature and now it is available for iOS 7 as well.


To install this tweak, open Cydia, search Swipey, download the mod and install it. Now go to your homescreen and open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap Swipey. There you can choose 6 different apps you want to launch from the homescreen. It’s not mandatory to always select 6 apps. You can choose 5, 3 and even only 1 app.

Once you have selected the apps you want, press the power button. Then turn on the screen and you should be on the lockscreen page. Simply swipe from right to left and you’ll see the apps you selected. Swipe even more to acces all other apps. When you go to the app you want to launch just wait for a second and the app will open.

Just like the iOS 6 Theme for iOS 7, this tweak works on all iOS 7 devices except iPhone 5S because it is not compatible with the A7 chip.


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