How To Install Xposed Framework on TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs

Developers have finally found the right code and made the necessary modifications to make Xposed framework and all modules work on Touchwiz Android 5.0 Lollipop ROMs. TouchWiz ROMs are very different from stock Android, not only aesthetically but software-wise too, thanks to modifications and improvements done by Samsung to the core of the firmware.

This has turned out pretty well for Samsung since Galaxy devices running on TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs weren’t affected by serious problems that occurred on stock Android Lollipop such as boot animation memory leak and high RAM usage.

However, this also means that programs designed for Vanilla Android do not work on TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs. The best example is the popular Xposed framework. It has been a few months since Xposed received an update to support Android 5.0 and 5.1 devices. However, this didn’t include TouchWiz ROMs. Only pure Android ROMs were supported. Any attempts of installing Xposed on TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 and Note devices would result in bootloops.

Now, a few months later, a solution has been found which finally allows all Samsung Galaxy users to enjoy the power of Xposed framework. The method works on all Galaxy devices with a Lollipop ROM such as Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Note 4, Note 3 and more.

How To Install Xposed on TouchWiz 5.0 Lollipop ROMs

To make Xposed work on your Samsung Galaxy device running on a TouchWiz Lollipop ROM, you will be needing a few things.


  • A deodexed TouchWiz Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM is required. It will not work on stock odexed ROMs.
  • Download and install APKTool.
  • Download modified core-libart.jar.
  • Root File Explorer


  1. Take your Samsung phone and launch the file explorer. Find the following files: core-libart.jar and services.jar.
  2. Decompile core-libart.jar. Extract the modified file and move the content to core-libart.jar.out/smali/. Now recompile the file.
  3. Decompile services.jar.
  4. Go to services.jar.out/smali, findanddelete the file containing the following string:
    Ljava / lang / String; -> clear () V
  5. Recompile the file.
  6. Move both files to the original location.
  7. Install Xposed framework on your phone.

Once you replace the files and install the framework, your Samsung Galaxy device running on TouchWiz Lollipop ROM will enjoy all the features of Xposed.


  1. please make a video on how to do this. I Have a G900a S5 ATT im on lollipop and im rooted. How do i get xposed to work on it? We cant use safestrap anymore on lollipop so we have to use flashfire. can i flash the zips through flashfire?

  2. TouchWiz Lollipop ROMs what in earth are you talking about TouchWiz is Samsung
    Pls be more clear on the information so important as this is VITAL to be able to distinguish between these 2 as else it will go in boot-loop (Mobile need service which is not possible mobile will at service point be rapport as self-inflicted software tweak )

    Do you mean it will only work on a Custom rom?
    Please repont thanks

    • No, this works on a rooted TouchWiz firmware (the one that the phone comes out of the box), or a TouchWiz ROM, which essentially is an improved stock TouchWiz firmware.

      • What?
        Out of the box / stock firmware rooted same thing and the most common term used. Trust me working at Samsung as handheld Specialist 5 years now 🙂
        Is the most common used term still thanks is better be sure and ask right so I’m deeply happy for your reply

        NB the last an Improved Touchwiz rom = a custom rom 😉


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