How to install USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S4

How to install Galaxy S4 USB drivers?If you want to use Odin to flash firmwares or transfer music,photos and videos from your Galaxy S4 to your PC then you need to have the USB drivers installed, otherwise your computer won’t recognize it. The best way to do this is to install Kies.

But what is Kies? Kies is an application created by Samsung to backup and update Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The USB drivers will be automatically installed once Kies is installed. Get it?


This is the best program if you want to install USB drivers quickly and don’t want to download extra files an other stuff that require some time to be installed and need good knowledge of Android.

Now go and download Kies for PC/Mac here


  1. It is not the best way. You can install the drivers without Kies. I think this is the answer most of the people want.

    • Nope, installing drivers with KIES is the fastest and safest way to do do. You can never know the safety of “drivers” online that are available for download.

  2. Nope. You need an internet connection to install Kies, which in my admittedly unique situation, does not allow me to get the drivers I need for my phone. I’ve wasted about 15 minutes trying to get Kies on my computer before being told I cannot install it without an internet connection. Definitely not the fastest way…

    While you can’t cater to all situations with articles like these, you could refrain from being so snide in your response when someone posts a reply to it disagreeing with you.

  3. Ronaldo – I have had a problem loading the USB drivers. When I try, the MTP driver does not load due to an error in one of the INF files. Samsung support does not recognize this and cannot help. Have you seen this and, if so, have you seen a fix?

    • Yes Joel, I am aware of this problem. Try this:
      1. Boot into Windows 7 safe mode and delete any previous SAMSUNG USB drivers without phone attached
      Start -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program
      SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones
      2. Reboot PC normally
      3.Remove any previous Samsung Kies or Allshare software
      4.Clean the registry using Auslogics Free Registry Cleaner
      5. Re-install the latest Samsung USB driver.
      6. Enable USB debugging on your phone.
      Menu -> Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging option checked
      7. Turn off the phone
      8.Connect the USB cable with the pc and your phone
      8.Turn the phone on

      Try this and then report back if it worked.

  4. Hi Ronaldo, I clicked on the link you provided to download the drivers but it’s stuck on installing hotfix and that’s been going on now for 20mins. Can you tell me what’s wrong please?

  5. Hi Ronaldo, I want to transfer some documents from Samsung S4 to my Mac laptop, I have installed Kies but using that we can transfer only audio,video and photos. Could you help me how can I transfer PDF files from S4 to Mac?

    • Sure. Don’t use Kies for transferring any files, use it just to install the drivers. (I’m not too familiar with MAC computers) After you connect your S4 with your MAC, open the program that controls Storages (In Windows is the Computer prog). There find your phone storage and then there you have) access to everything your phone has. ( I may not have been very clear, if you don’t understand something ask me.

  6. plugged the galazy s4 into the dell computer and none of my files r showinup, broke the screen on my phone so cnt actualy use the phone to transfer them over, wut cani do

  7. i download kies to the computer…do i need 2 use my phone atall cos i cant…also i didnt setup kies on my phone. dus that matter?

  8. ok thank u soooooo muc, people at phone shop were no help at all. so wen i download kies he photos and video will transfer automaticlly to that?

    • Yes, after you have installed Kies, connect your phone with your PC with the USB cable and then just open KIES and you can select what photos and music you want to transfer.

  9. Ronaldo, my problem is that I want to connect my Galaxy S4 Active to my Acura MDX autio system. I like the music interface that comes on the vehicle much better than having to control everything on the device when streaming via Bluetooth. Is there a driver that I can install on the Galaxy that will fix this “USB UNSUPPORTED” problem? Thanks.

  10. Hi Ronald, did what you said to fix the MTP problem but it didn’t work for windows 7. I didn’t use Auslogics registry cleaner though but Advanced System Care 6. The step ‘Re-install the latest Samsung USB driver’ was a bit cryptic (did u mean Kies or just the USB driver?). I reasoned from thread you meant Kies and did this but MTP still failed to install.

  11. HI Ronaldo, I’m getting an error message that says I’m not connected to the internet when I try to install Keis. Obviously I’m on the internet as I write this. Any idea what I’m getting this error?

  12. Hi Ronaldo
    I installed Kies on my laptop, when I try to connect my S4 it says ‘connecting’ and then says ‘failed to connect device, disconnect and try again.says use may be restricted.’

    I used to be able to connect without kies but after I unlocked my phone I cant connect to a pc/laptop. My computer shows under devices that I am connected but need updated drivers. Help? Thanks

  13. Hi Ronaldo,
    I have installed Kies on my PC, but looks like 2 drivers are missing:
    PCI Simple Communications Controller Driver not found
    PCI Serial Port Driver not found
    Kies does not recognize my Galaxy S4 when connected, still asks for me to connect a device. How can get the missing drivers?


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