How To Install & Switch To iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards

Download and switch to third-party keyboards on iOS 8. iOS 8 is the latest mobile version from Apple. It got officially launched worldwide a few days ago and the installation process is very simple. The new version brings a lot of improvements and features.

iOS 8 can be synced with Yosemite so every email, message and phone call you receive on your phone will be displayed on your Mac so you can answer directly from the computer. Siri is now smarter and can answer more questions. You can fire up Siri and ask her what is the song playing on the back ground and she will answer because Shazam is now integrated.

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There are a few minor changes that only power users will appreciate. But one big feature that Apple finally decided to include is support for third-party keyboard applications like Swiftkey. You are no longer obligated to use the stock keyboard that iOS 8 comes with.

install switch third party keyboards ios 8

Third-party keyboards are very useful because they offer next word prediction and better auto correction. But now that you have downloaded and installed iOS 8 update on your iPhone or iPad, how to install and activate third-party keyboards?

1. Go to App Store and download the keyboard you want. A good app is Swiftkey.

2. Then go to Settings > General and scroll down to Keyboard.

3. Tap on it and then go to Keyboards.

4. It will say three keyboards are installed: English, Emoji and Swiftkey.

5. By default, English keyboard is enabled which is the default iOS 8 app.

6. Select Swiftkey and press Allow.

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Now you can enjoy all the features of Swiftkey on your iOS 8 device like next word prediction and swipe gestures. If you want to install another app, go to the App Store and download your favorite keyboard and activate it from the Settings menu.


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