How to Install Samsung Galaxy S5 Lock Screen Effect on Galaxy S4

Download Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen effect on your Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has always released a new lock screen effect for every important smartphone it launches since the Galaxy S3. On the good old GS3, the lock screen was an interesting water ripple effect. Every time you touch the screen, a new water ripple becomes visible along the sound that a rock would make when thrown in a lake.

On the Note 2 and Note 3 there is an Ink effect, reminding you the reason why Note devices are created. On the Galaxy S5, Samsung continued its nature campaign. This time, the lock screen effect was called Flare and it simply had cool sun rays and reflections.


On the new Galaxy S5 the lock screen effect is a little bit different from its predecessors as it doesn’t symbolize the nature a lot. Now, every time you touch the screen, a few small circles will appear and they will take the color of the background you touched with your finger. If the background is red, the circles will be red, if the background is blue, the circles will be blue and so on. Also, you still have the usual app shortcuts on the bottom.

Download Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen effect for Galaxy S4 here.


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