How To Install ROMs Galaxy S4 No Tripping KNOX 0x0

How to install custom ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy S4 with tripping or activating KNOX. KNOX is a big problem for all Galaxy users who want to root or install a ROM on their devices. When a Galaxy with KNOX is rooted, the KNOX counter activates and the number goes from 0x0 to 0x1.

If your phone gets damaged or it starts to slow down and you send it to your shop to repair it, the warranty will not cover it because of KNOX counter. The number 0x1 lets the shop know that phone was rooted. The bad thing is that even if you completely unroot your phone, the counter doesn’t reset.

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So even if you don’t have root when sending it for repair, the shop will not accept it. That’s why it is a must to root or install ROMs on your phone without tripping KNOX. The normal method of rooting via ODIN triggers the KNOX counter. We already have a full tutorial to root the Galaxy S4 without activating KNOX.

custom rom galaxy s4 no knox

Install ROMs on the Galaxy S4 without loosing warranty



1. Download your favorite custom ROM and tar.md5 file and copy them on your phone.

2.  Then you need to install the Modem with normal ODIN.

3. Download Mobile Odin Pro.

4. Open it, tap Kernel and select the tar.md5 kernel file.

5. Tap Update ZIP, select your ROM and tick on the following:

Enable EverRoot

Inject SuperUser

Inject Modile Odin

Wipe data and cache

6. Tap Flash Firmware and wait until the process finishes.

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You have successfully installed a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S4 with triggering KNOX or losing the warranty. This might also work on other Samsung devices like the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 but it isn’t recommended to try it.


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