How To Install LineageOS 15.1 ROM 8.1 Oreo on OnePlus 6 [With Gapps]

LineageOS is the successor of CyanogenMod, a popular custom ROM which brought the stock Android experience to all Android phones for many years. After CyanogenMod went down, LineageOS took its place and developers continued to develop new builds for many mobile devices. Right now, the latest version of the ROM is LineageOS 15.1 which is based on Android 8.1.0 Oreo. This build is available on many phones, and right now it can be installed on OnePlus 6 too.

The OnePlus 6 is the newest phone from OnePlus. It has a great price and top of the shelf specifications that make the phone attractive to many users. It comes with Android 8.1.0 out of the box, so you do not have to wait for any updates when you turn on the phone for the first time.

While the OnePlus 6 is already running on Android 8.1 which is the same version as LineageOS 15.1, the later offers many features and increased performance which are not in the stock build. For example, LineageOS 15.1 includes Ambient Display, RGB color calibration settings, gestures, extreme power saving modes with different performance profiles (Performance, Balanced, Efficiency, Power Save), modified Quick Settings menu, settings to modify the UI and apps such as AudioFX, Trebuchet launcher, Eleven music player, Snap camera and much more.

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How To Install LineageOS 15.1 ROM on OnePlus 6 With Gapps

In the guide below, follow all the steps to learn what you need, how to download the required files and most importantly, how to install LineageOS 15.1 and Android 8.1 Gapps on your phone.



Make sure to download the latest version of the ROM from the link above, and download the correct Su (SuperSU) addon for your phone model. Lastly, choose one from many of Gapps packages. After you have downloaded all the files, put them in one folder on your phone.

Installation Guide

1. Turn off your phone and boot into recovery mode. In this case boot into TWRP.

2. While in TWRP, make sure to wipe data, delete cache and perform a factory reset. This will prevent any possible boot loops from occurring.

3. Go to Install and find the ROM file. Select it and swipe to flash it. Wait for the installation process to finish.

4. Go back to the homepage of TWRP, and now flash the SU root package to add root access to your phone.

5. Flash the Gapps package to install Google Apps.

Once you have flashed all three files, reboot your phone. The first boot will take a while since it is a new build. Enjoy LineageOS 15.1 and all its features on your OnePlus 6.



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