How To Install Custom Recovery On Galaxy S3 (CWM, PhilZ, TWRP)

In this article we are going to download and install a custom Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Every Android device comes with a stock recovery which can do basic things like wiping data, cache and dalvik cache.

But it doesn’t provide useful features like installing custom ROMs, kernels and mods. You can also use ADB to install and transfer zip files from the PC directly to your phone.

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The support for the Samsung Galaxy s3 has been incredibly huge these years and there are plenty of custom Recoveries that you can install. Some of the most popular recoveries are TWRP and PhilZ Touch. Here’s how to install them on your Galaxy S3.

PhilZ Touch

PhilZ Touch is a CWM Advanced Edition that adds a lot of features which will make you to never miss CWM. It has a full touch interface which makes it easier to install zip files.

Download PhilZ Touch Recovery: link

1. Download the tar.md5 file.

2. Open ODIN, select the file and click OK.

3. ODIN will install the custom Recovery.

Once you have installed it, you can install updates and other recoveries without having to use ODIN. You can simply flash them through Recovery.

TWRP Touch Recovery

TWRP is another popular Recovery for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is built with ease of use in mind and even beginners will have an easy time using it.

To install TWRP, you only need root access. You don’t have to use ODIN.

  1. Download TWRP Touch Recovery from Play Store.
  2. Open TWRP Manager and grant root permissions.
  3. Go to Advanced > Install Recovery.

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That is it. Now your Samsung Galaxy S3 has a custom Recovery installed and you can start installing ROMs and kernels.


  1. how do i change recoveries? i want to change from cwm to twrp but no one has yet to tell me. Im using a s3 gti-9300


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