How To Install and Change Fonts on Android Easy 2014

Fonts are a very important part of your phone. They are the biggest factor that decides how your phone user interface looks like. Since smartphones have mostly text, a good or a font that you like is of course recommended.

There are thousands of fonts on the internet that you can download. They are very different from each other. Some are very easy to understand and some are very hard because they look like someone has written them. But everyone has its own favorite font and even though many users stay with the default one, you can change it very easily.

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Some Android devices already have the option to download and change fonts. Samsung Galaxy devices have always had the option to download and install every font you want. But there are better other methods to install fonts. You can do it quicker and the process is very simple.

change font android easy 2014

Fonter is a new app for all Android devices that makes the process of downloading and installing fonts very easy. It doesn’t only change the system font but also the design of apps, which is a neat feature to have.

It supports all devices like Samsung, OnePlus Color OS, Xiaomi theme package, HTC, Motorola, Nokia X, Nexus, Flipfont changer system and supports multi theme.

To use the app, you need a few things.


a) Xposed Framework

b) Fonter module


1. Install Xposed, install Fonter and activate the module.

2.  Download the font you want and open the module.

3. Select Change App Font or Change System Font. Choose the one you like.

4. Follow instructions and reboot your phone.

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If you have downloaded another design, simply download another one and activate it using the Xposed module Fonter.