How To Install 9.0 Pie OTA Firmware on Galaxy S9 & S9+ [Snapdragon & Exynos]

Samsung released the first 9.0 Pie update for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ just a few days ago. The update can be obtained through the Samsung Members beta program. If you live in the US, Germany or South Korea, you can follow this guide to learn how to join the beta program and receive the first Pie update. If you live in another country and you cannot join the program, then there is another way. You can update your phone by flashing the Pie OTA firmware.

Developers have managed to capture the official OTA zip files for the Pie update. The captured file is the one used on all S9 and S9+ devices to upgrade to the new Android version. The good news is that if you are on the right Oreo firmware, all you have to do is to apply the file directly from the stock recovery. You do not need to flash anything with Odin. However, if you are on the wrong Oreo firmware, then you will have to flash the proper firmware first and then you can update through recovery.

The update is not complicated and can be done by most of the users. Below you will find all the required download links for the Pie files as well as required Oreo firmware. The guide below works on most Exynos and Snadragon Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants.

android 9.0 pie beta program samsung one ui

How To Install OTA Pie Update on Galaxy S9 and S9+

Note: This tutorial will update your phone to Android Pie. The files have been tested by many users and all of them have reported positive feedback. However, please proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible if you brick your phone or your data gets erased. Proceed at your own risk.


Below you will find all the files that you need in order to update your phone.

Exynos (Galaxy S9 & S9+)

For the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, you will have to be on XXS2BRJ6 firmware to be able to install the update.

Snapdragon (Galaxy S9 & S9+)

For the Snapdragon variant of the Galaxy S9 and S9+, you will have to be on SQU3BRJ5 firmware to be able to install the update.

How To Install The OTA File+

odin tool one ui pie update

Note: If you do not have the required firmware, then download the Pie file from the link above and move it to a microSD card. If you do not have a microSD card, then you can flash the update via ADB.

  1. Firstly, download Odin 1.13.1 tool from the download link above. We will use this tool to flash the required firmware in order to use the update file. If you already have the required firmware jump to step 7.
  2. Download the required firmware for your phone’s model. Extract the zip file. You will get six different files. You will use only four of those files.
  3. Take your phone, press and hold the power button and select “Power Off”. Once the phone has shut down, press and hold the volume down, Bixby and power keys at the same time. Release them when the phone goes into Download Mode. The phone will tell you that you are about to go into Download Mode. Press the volume up button to confirm.
  4. Launch the Odin tool on your computer. If all the correct USB drivers are properly installed, the box under ID:COM will turn blue. This means that Odin recognizes the phone and it is ready to flash the firmware.
  5. Please be warned that this will erase everything on your phone, so make a backup before you perform this step. Click on BL and select one of the six files that starts with BL. Do the same thing for AP, CP, and CSC. Leave USERDATA empty. Once you have selected all the files, click the start button.
  6. Wait for Odin to flash the firmware. The phone will reboot automatically once everything finishes.
  7. Turn off your phone. Press and hold the volume up, Bixby and power keys at the same time. This will boot your phone into stock recovery mode.
  8. If you have a microSD card on your phone, follow guide “a”. If you do not have an SD card, then follow guide “b”.
    1. While in recovery, select “apply update from SD card”. Go to your card’s storage and select the file. The phone will flash the new Pie update.
    2. While in recovery, select “apply update from adb“. Make sure you have all the ADB drivers installed and the file in the correct folder. Open CMD and run the following code:
      adb sideload <location/>/span>

      Change location with the address of your file.

  9. Wait for the process to finish. The phone will reboot.

That was it. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 is now running on Android 9.0 Pie with One UI on top. If you have any issues or questions, leave a comment down below!


  1. I am using at&t usa S9 mobile present living in india .i didn’t get updates till now.i want to update my s9 with indian firmware .is it possible??at&t has Sd845 But indian firmware has Exynos….i want to use jio sim in my mobile…that’s y i want to update


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