How to Increase Nexus 5 Vibration Strength More Than Max

As you may have noticed, the Nexus 5 has a very weak vibration module. This causes vibrations on the Nexus 5 to be quieter than on the other phones.

Having a phone with quiet vibrations sometimes can be a problem, especially if you receive many notifications and your phone is in silent mode.

You might receive an important email from your co-worker or your boss and you won’t notice it because the vibration is weak.


The good thing is that you can actually increase the maximum strength of the vibration module with the help of a simple app like Vibration Config.

This simple app allows you to change the strength of vibration as you wish. If you want a stronger vibration, you raise the intensity value. Or you might want it weaker. If that’s so, you just lower the value. It’s that simple.

Note: This app is also compatible with the Nexus 4.


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