How to Increase HTC One Vibration Intensity

How to increase  HTC One vibration even more than the maximum? The HTC One has decent vibration intensity. When someone calls you or when you receive a message, the vibration can be felt quite easily. Some apps though, don’t have that strong beating that other applications have.

For example, the vibration strength will be a lot weaker when you receive a message on HTC Messages app compared to when you receive a message on WhatsApp or Facebook. If you are a person who texts a lot and in open places, you will feel the need for a stronger and more noticeable shake.


On the HTC One, to do so, you have to put a special file with higher vibration values than the normal ones.

First of all, open a .txt with a text editor like Notepad++. Inside there you should put the code that is responsible for the vibration module. The code is like this:

 #increase the vibrator strength
 #stock value is 2700
 echo 2000 > /sys/class/timed_output/vibrator/voltage_level

The code above is actually for a weaker beating than normal, so increase the value until you find it strong enough. The stock value is 2700. Is you want it stronger raise it more than 2700. After you are done with the file, save it and remove the .txt extension because it is not needed. Copy the file and paste it into System > Etc > Init.d folder. Then reboot your phone, wait for a couple of minutes and the mod will then start to work.



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