How To Improve Nexus 5 Screen (Calibrate Display Colors)

How to improve the display of Nexus 5 screen by calibrating the colors of the display? Calibrating the display is a good way to change the intensity of the colors. The Nexus 5 has a True HD IPS+ display which is able of showing 16 million colors.

There are other display technologies found on other smart phones like Super AMOLED which is a display technology mainly used on Galaxy devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and the Note series. The Nexus 5 has a brighter display and colors are more true to life unlike AMOLED displays which show over saturated colors.

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However, if you don’t like the current color profile of the Nexus 5, you can easily change it. Changing the current color profile of the device is often called as “Display Calibration”. Display Calibration allows users to choose from different display settings.


So for example, if a user wants colors which are over saturated, he can calibrate the display so it can show vivid colors. However, if someone wants more true-to-life colors, you can also calibrate the screen to show those colors. Everyone has a different opinion about a good display.

If you also want to improve your Nexus 5 display (calibrate the screen), follow the guide below.


– Rooted Nexus 5 device

– Custom Kernel installed like Franco

– Nexus Display Control app (link)

– There are already a few pre-installed profiles but you can download more here.

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How To

a) 1. To activate pre-installed profiles, go to Load Color Profile > Import Preloaded Profiles

2. Press select and the profile will be activated.

b) 1. To activate downloaded profiles, copy and paste them to Nexus_display_control > Color_profiles

2. Open the app, select the profile and apply it. Then reboot your phone.


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