How To Improve Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner (Tips and Tricks)

The fingerprint scanner is definitely the best feature that Samsung has brought to its customers through the latest device, Galaxy S5. The fingerprint scanner is the best choice for those who use their phones a lot in everyday life and don’t want others to use their phones. It’s probably the better choice to secure your phone.

You can activate the fingerprint scanner simply by going to Settings > Fingerprint Scanner > Fingerprint Manager > Add New Fingerprint. Samsung gives you the opportunity to register not only one finger, but three, with only a few steps. To register your finger you have to swipe it 8 times through four dots over the home button. After the first swipe you have to wait until the green circle appears and than swipe again. The green circle appears only if the swipe is successful.

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After that you will be asked to add another security login, in case that finger print scanner fails. You will be asked to create a password as a recovery mode for fingerprint scanner.


If you want the finger print scanner to work good you have to remember a few things.

At first : Don’t press, just wipe. A lot of people tend to press the button too hard which might lead to accidental home button actions. Samsung has a sensitive screen and even the home button is too good, so you don’t have to push it.

Secondly : As Samsung lets you to register three fingers, I suggest you to do so. Register three of your thumbs so you will be able to uses the finger that is most convenient in different situations.

Thirdly. Swipe the thumb vertically. For those who use their phones with one hand, it is the best way to swipe the thumb horizontally. But this is not recommended. You have to swipe the finger vertically if you want to have a successful unlock.

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Another few tricks that will help you to have a better performance of your Fingerprint Scanner

  1. Make sure you are keeping the right thumb straight. When you use the fingerprint scanner use your phone with both hands.
  2. Use the screen when you swipe. So if you want to get good results you have to swipe the finger starting from the screen over the home button.
  3. As mentioned above, Samsung gives you the opportunity to register three fingers. So If you want to get no errors while unlocking, register the same finger twice or more.


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