How to get Modern Combat 4 for Free on iOS devices

Now you can get Modern Combat 4 for free on iOS. MC4 is one of the most famous FPS (First-Person Shooter) games on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It is created by Gameloft, a well known company in this field. However, this game is a little bit expensive at a price point of $6.99, so not all smartphone owners buy it.

But Modern Combat 4 has been chosen as IGN’s free game of the month. This means that IGN is offering this game for free for the entire month. Yes, you can download it right now! No special actions are required. Here’s how to get a free copy of Modern Combat 4.


Go to IGN’s page where it is promoting the app and there’s a notice where it says you can get the code. Click “Get My Code” and a little popup with the code will appear. Copy the code, open App Store and redeem it. Then the app will start downloading automatically.

That’s all you have to do to get a free copy of the most popular FPS franchise, Modern Combat 4. Enjoy playing as a soldier who is traveling to different continents trying to save the world. Can you do it? After you finish the campaign you can also challenge your friends in a multiplayer match or play with different gamers all over the world. Enjoy.


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