How To Fix Xperia Z2 Overheating Problem (Solutions)

How to fix the overheating problem on the Sony Xperia Z2. The Xperia Z2 is latest smartphone from Sony and it has been considered as one of the devices with the best build quality. And that is very true because the Xperia Z2 has premium high quality materials.

It has strong shatterproof glass on the front and the back which are almost impossible to shatter, as the name suggests. On the sides it has aluminum which gives the phone a premium feel when held in the hand. The Xperia Z2, just like other smartphones, is not without problems.

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Lately, a problem that has been reported a lot and it is annoying a lot of people is the overheating problem. The Xperia Z2 gets very hot when playing video games, watching videos and especially when recording 4K Ultra HD videos. Recording 4K videos is a very cool and excellent feature of the Sony Xperia Z2, but after recording just for a few minutes it gets very hot.

The glass panel on the back gets extremely hot, especially around the camera section. It gets so hot that it can burn your finger.  This problem continues to get reported by many users who are angry for not being able to record 4K videos for a long time. Follow the possible reasons and solutions below to fix overheating problem on your Sony Xperia Z2.

overheating xperia z2 fix

Solution 1. The Sony Xperia Z2 gets especially hot when recording 4K videos. If recording videos is something very important to you, than there is an easy fix for that. Download the fix here. To use the fix, you need to be on .402 firmware. If you are on the required firmware, download the fix and flash it through Recovery. This file lowers the frequency of the processor on the Xperia Z2 so less heat is produced.

Solution 2. Don’t use the phone outside when it is sunny and bright. If you use your phone outside and the sun is very bright, the phone will overheat because of the sun rays. This may also damage your phone and the camera.

Solution 3. Enable Stamina mode. Stamina mode is a great way to save battery life and at the same keep the phone cool. This mode disables all unneccessary activities. This increases the battery life and the processor doesn’t have to work a lot.

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Solution 4. Don’t use your Xperia Z2 while charging. Using your phone when it is charging will increase the temperature because a lot of things are happening at the same time. The power that goes into the phone from the charger, the power that the phone uses to operate and the battery which drains and charges at the same time.


  1. My Xeperia Z2 recently started getting heating up and the battery was getting drained faster. I found from the battery usage that FB Messenger was using more battery than my screen (31%), even though I didnot use FB Messenger. Recently I used WiFi more frequently causing many updates.


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