IMEI and Baseband version are very important because they make possible for a phone to make phone calls, so if you lose them your phone loses its basic feature, calling.

And you are here because your phone is showing IMEI and Baseband version as unknown and you can’t make phone calls as well.


But how to fix it? The only way to fix it is to restore the EFS folder that you must have backed up. The EFS folder contains all the important data like IMEI. If you haven’t backed up it, watch How to backup EFS folder. If you have backed up the EFS folder, just restore it. That’s it.

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  • Bud

    And if, as in the majority of cases, the efs was not backed up – then what??

    • Then you won’t be able to make phone calls anymore :/

    • i have a lg prada 940 and no imei

      • Have you previously made a backup of your imei or probably your ROM has made one while flashing it?

  • hishamicham

    There is this thing at the back of the phone. Imei number and all… can we do something with that

    • Nope we don’t need that. We need the actual folder that has all the info about it.

  • Droidzzer

    Informative but dude if I had backed up the efs I would have already known how to fix the imei ( knowing that not backing up efs would cause this)

    like bud said all the readers are those who did not back up efs.

    I’d suggest looking through xda for solutions or give it to a technician.

    • Hi droidzzer,
      You are totally right and I agree with you. The reason why I wrote this is because many ROMs backup EFS automatically. So a normal user still don’t know about this. Once their EFS is corrupted they will search for a solution. Thanks for your interest anyways.

  • shakir

    try ariza patch its a apk file i found on google….quite simple…requires root….worked for me

    • peter

      This is only for Samsung telephone. Is there hope for other phone i.e. Jiayu G3S?

      • Hi Peter, this is for all Android devices, not only Samsung ones

        • peter

          Sorry, your are right it is for all Android phones. I meant the ariza patch. It does not run on none specific android phones.

          So looks I have a new paperweight which works like a charm but not as a phone anymore 😉

          • In this case I’m afraid you can’t do anything. Use KiK, Whatsapp Messenger and Viber. 😉

  • i have an image back up of my EFS folder and it still dosent work 🙁 tried this apk on my galaxy s3 and i get the same problem

    • Hi duffman, please reboot your phone and try the method again.

  • dotsam

    I had the efs backup with hcktool. But in vain.. finally i downgraded the baseband with this mg baseband package available nd voila… my imei was back…installed omega v46.. 4.2.2 stock version

  • seila

    ARIZA Patch support the two model only Galaxy SIII (I9300) and Note2 (N7100)

  • felix

    I have lost my baseband version and imei on my samsung galaxy SII sc – 02 c…can anybody help to fix this problem..thanks before

    • Have you previously backed up your EFS folder?

      • felix

        I think i haven’t…and where can i find the EFS folder?

        • It depends. What phone do you have?

  • felix

    Samsung galaxy sII model type sc -02c.

  • kevin

    Felix did you solve the problem?

  • sheron

    can u say how to fix baseband error in galaxy note shv-e160s??
    n its unable to get recover mode

  • felix

    Kevin..i can not solve the problem.can you help me

  • kenthangel

    Hi there! I lost my baseband version and i cant get any mobile signal. It says that ” No simcard detected ” on my Oplus 8.92 phone (O+ 8.92). Help please on how to restore my baseband vesrion. My last baseband version as I remember is in “MOLY……..”. I dont have backup too.

  • MC Wong

    How to recover a stolen car? Well you should install an immobilizer. Once you install it, your car will stall after 1km then you can drive it back. Isn’t that the same weird logic? My car has been stolen, isn’t it too late for this advice?