How to fix screen smearing issue on Samsung Galaxy S4

Many Galaxy S4 users have reported smearing issues with their phones. This issue happens especially when you slowly scroll on black backgrounds and buttons are grey, the gray will turn into a purple color, which is not cool.

This can be easily seen in the settings app. But can this issue be fixed? Yes. First of all, you have to download Screen Adjuster here.


This app will help us to make the required changes to fix the problem by adjusting the contrast and colors of your phone’s display. Now open the app, turn on the adjuster and change the contrast from 0 to -10. This will make the colors a little bit brighter and will fix the smearing Issue.

That’s it guys. If you are facing any problems and smearing issue is not fixed please leave a comment below.


  1. Typing this on my hubbys phone cause my screen is purple not a scrolling issue the whole screen is purple. the screen adjustment app did nothing..


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