How To Fix Quick Battery Drain on LG G3

The LG G3 has a decent-sized 3000 mAh battery which has to power a fast Snapdragon 801 chipset, QHD 5.5″ display and 3GB RAM. The battery does a great job at powering the phone for long periods of time in a single charge.

But there a few cases where the battery doesn’t last very long. Sometimes it actually drains very quick for no reasons. For example, you put your phone on the table at night with 50% battery left and at the morning it has only 30% left. So 20% of battery has been drained while the phone was off.

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Here are a few reasons why the LG G3 might experience quick battery drain and how to prevent them from draining precious battery life.


The first thing you should do is to remove all unnecessary applications from running on the background. If you leave apps running on the background, they will drain the battery even if the screen is turned off. Always make sure to open Recent Menu and remove all the apps that are active.

If you don’t use some applications, the best thing to do is to completely uninstall them. Even though you never use these applications, they drain battery juice because they have to do different tasks like syncing contacts and media.

When you use the phone inside, make sure to disable auto brightness. Most of the time the auto brightness feature drains battery because it uses different sensors to decide if the ambient is dark or not.

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If you like using the phone while charging it, don’t. Using the phone while it is charging is not good because it damages the battery. When you use your phone the device can overheat and this damages the battery and even the processor. The battery then degrades and can’t hold a full charge for long periods of time.