How To Fix PC Not Recognizing Android Phone Problem

Is your computer not recognizing your Android smartphone? The first thing to do when you want to connect your phone to computer to transfer files is to download and install the USB drivers. If you don’t install the USB drivers, your computer will not recognize your Android smartphone.

The good thing about Android smartphones is that you can easily transfer files to the computer. You only need to connect your phone to your computer and then drag and drop the files you want. The process isn’t limited like it is with Apple devices where you need iTunes to transfer everything. From photos, videos and music.

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Even though transferring files to your computer is en easy task to do, it becomes impossible when the PC is unable to recognize your phone. When the PC doesn’t recognize your phone you can’t transfer anything. The “Unable to recognize” problem can be caused by a few reasons.


As said above, the main reason why your computer doesn’t recognize your phone is because you haven’t installed the Android USB drivers. USB drivers basically make it possible for the phone to communicate with the computer through the USB cable. If the drivers aren’t installed the phone cannot communicate.

If you haven’t installed the USB drivers already, go here and install them.


If you already have installed the USB drivers and your phone still doesn’t recognize your phone, check your USB cable for any possible damage. If pins of the head are damaged, then you should change the cable with the new one. Also check the USB port of the computer. Try another device like a USB and if the computer doesn’t also recognize the USB, it means that it a problem with PC’s USB port.

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The last option is to uninstall the USB drivers and then install them again. Maybe you had corrupted drivers installed. In this case, the new drivers will take care of the problem and your computer will finally be able to recognize your phone.


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