How To Fix Overheating Problem On Moto X

Overheating is a big problem that Moto X users are facing. They say that the phone randomly gets extremely hot. It gets hot enough to slightly irritate your leg when it is in your pocket. The overheating problem occurs not only when the phone is in use but also when the screen is off. It happens many times a day. Sometimes the heat comes from the screen and it’s really hot. It burns when you put a finger on it.

What makes all people wonder is how is it possible that overheating doesn’t cause hardware problems. It seems like it will explode because of the heat. In a few minutes the phone goes back to normality. For about 1-2 minutes the phone returns to a normal temperature. This problem is reported by a lot of users so it seems to be a general problem. So if you have ever thought that it is only your device with the problem then don’t worry. It’s not only you.

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The problem might be caused by a lot of things. First reason is phone overload. You may have been playing a graphically intensive game. This has overloaded your device and so it gets hot. The issue sometimes is caused from charging the phone for a long time. To fix this problem try the simple solutions below.


The first thing you have to do when your phone is overheated is to remove the case if you have one because it only makes the heat worse. Also switching Airplane mode on for a few seconds seems to solve the problem. The phone goes back to normally.

Go to Settings > Battery and see if there is any app that is draining the battery quickly. You have to check if there is any third-party application that is causing this. Try rebooting in Safe Mode. It will disable all installed apps. To reboot in Safe Mode press the Power key and Power button until it reboots. You will see a window titled Safe Mode and you have to press OK.

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If the phone works good in Safe Mode without overheating then one app is responsible for the problem. The most efficient and fastest way to solve this is a factory reset. To do this go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone. You also can uninstall apps one by one but it’s an annoying process.


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